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Welcome to Our Mexican Animal Welfare Site

Friends of Mexican Animal Welfare (FOMAW) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) US corporation focused on animal welfare in Mexico. We’re a hands-on organization that accomplishes our goals through community collaboration.

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This website is designed to provide an in-depth look into the animal welfare projects FOMAW is directly involved in and how you can help.

Website Contents

  • Our News page  provides links directly to our FOMAW newsletters. Subscribers receive the latest news about our animal welfare activities in their email inbox.

  • Alianza Sterilization Clinic
    Alianza Sterilization Clinic

    FOMAW operates the Alianza Animal Manzanillo (Alianza) sterilization clinic in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.  Alianza is a subsidiary of FOMAW and a registered Mexican Civil Association. Visit our clinic page.

  • reaching street animals living at risk
    FOMAW’s Animal Angels’ founder, Fred Taylor

    FOMAW promotes animal welfare via our street animal outreach organization, Animal Angels of Manzanillo. Animal Angels provides free sterilizations and treatment for common medical conditions such as mange and Transmissible Venereal Tumors (TVT) for street animals without caretakers. Visit our Outreach page.

  • veterinary training in spay neuter surgery
    IVC‘s Dr. Monger and Alianza‘s Dr. Morales lead FOMAW’s interactive veterinary training.

    FOMAW collaborates with International Veterinary Consultants (IVC) to provide surgical training and continuing education for Mexican veterinarians, which helps vets in the field solidify their medical skills. Our classes help like-minded veterinarians working in spay/neuter clinics share their experiences and establish a professional network throughout Mexico. Visit our Vet Training page.

  • rebuilding animal shelter
    FOMAW’s  donated funds aided in reconstruction at an animal shelter after Hurricane Patricia.

    FOMAW’s donors can help support the work of other Mexican groups in their grassroots efforts to improve animal welfare. These organizations survive solely through private donations. If requested, FOMAW can distribute donated funds to other projects that support nature preserves, sterilization clinics, rescue programs and shelters. Visit our Other Projects page.

  • FOMAW processes tax-free donations for United States taxpayers. Our tax-free avenue for US donors provides Mexican organizations access to funding sources otherwise unavailable to them. It’s you, our donors, who are our lifeblood and keep us functioning. Visit our Donate page.

Animal welfare includes treating TVT
Alianza Sterilization Clinic director, Dr. Morales, and FOMAW director, Stan Burnett, administer chemotherapy for TVT.

Visit our About Us page for information about our history, our mission and goals, and our board of directors.

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