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Other Animal Welfare Projects that FOMAW Helps

Thanks to our donors, FOMAW is able to help other community action groups in their efforts to improve the lives of animals.  In the following descriptions you can read just how valuable your contributions are to the welfare of our communities.

If you would like to help any of the following organizations, you can donate to FOMAW and indicate in the memo field “Please use for the _______ program.” We will make every effort to honor your wishes in directing your donation to the organization or activity that you request, within IRS guidelines.


Huellas logoHuellas Adopciones, Manzanillo

Huellas was founded in August, 2012 to provide at-risk animals the opportunity of a better life and to raise the consciousness of the community about adoption and sterilization as the best antidote for animal abandonment and mistreatment.

Huellas operates a large shelter for abandoned animals on a very thin shoestring. Your donations are critical to their survival.

rescue, shelter, sterilize and adoption for stray streetdogs
Huelles contact information in Manzanillo

In addition to sheltering and caring for nearly sixty animals, they also spend endless hours searching for forever homes for their charges … safe and loving homes where these street animals can thrive.

Huellas’ work also includes healing the animals of diseases common to the malnourished and mistreated: mange, parasites, TVT, physical injuries, and more.

Huellas is funded totally through donations, without which sick animals wouldn’t be cured, nor would they be adoptable. You can help provide a safe haven for street animals by donating to Huellas Adopciones through FOMAW.

animal welfare, shelter, sterilize, rescue abandoned street animalsLucky Dog Rescues, Lake Chapala

Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption Center is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption of abandoned and abused dogs in the Lake Chapala area of Jalisco, Mexico. Lucky Dog is managed solely by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Lucky Dog opened their doors in December, 2012 and is now responsible for the primary funding of this shelter, and they need your help to save all the dogs that arrive on their doorstep.

Some of the services they provide are spay/neuter, emergency services, long-term recovery care, and the special foods and medicines required by abandoned street animals for recovery.

Costs vary, but the price for helping a “broken one” with large medical needs as well as the extended sheltering required for healing can be very expensive. Your generous donation can empower Lucky Dog to help more of these precious animals.

animal welfare, shelter, sterilize, rescue abandoned street animalsManchas, Manzanillo

A Manzanillo couple converted two small homes into animal shelters.  They rescue animals from the street, treat their diseases and injuries, sterilize, provide safety, food and shelter and then adopt the healed animals to loving forever homes.

Manchas is a private concern and supported only through donations.

In addition to their tireless work caring for animals at risk, Manchas also advocates for animal rights through community involvement, providing a voice for the silent suffering of the voiceless.

Animal welfare, sterilization, rescue, shelter, adoptSpayMex – The Guadalajara Project

Hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs and cats in and near Guadalajara are the inspiration and motivation for this project to continue organizing spay and neuter clinics.

Animal welfare, sterilization, rescue, shelter, adopt
SpayMex works to alleviate animal suffering.

A group of three independent women organize animal spay and neuter clinics to operate on an average of 1,500 dogs and cats each year in the outskirts of Guadalajara where poverty and animal overpopulation are a big issue. The SpayMex goal is to double the number of animals treated each year by increasing the amount of doctors, operating equipment and supplies.

SpayMex sterilizations clinics are self-sponsored and run by an all-volunteer team of concerned doctors and citizens.  They rely on donations to stay in business.

sanctuaryTortuguario Manzanillo

An all-volunteer group from the University of Colima rescues turtle eggs along the Manzanillo shoreline, protects them in a small fenced-in sanctuary until they hatch and then releases the hatchlings back to the ocean.

Tortuguario volunteers respond to reports of turtle nests found on the beach via their Facebook page or through the local municipal police of Manzanillo, who collaborate with them to rescue the eggs and incubate them in a safe, protected enclosure.

The group has sectioned a fenced portion of the beach for their turtle nursery. Because it is exposed to normal weather conditions, the area is at great risk during storms. Hurricane Patricia not only washed away the fencing but only a few nests were saved.

animal welfare includes rescue of turtle eggs and protecting
Turtles hatched inside the Tortuguario sanctuary just released to return to the ocean

Post hurricane, donations from conservation-minded supporters enabled the volunteers to rebuild their sanctuary on higher ground. Since Hurricane Patricia, and thanks to support from the community, more eggs have hatched and a new generation has been released into the ocean.