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Other Animal Welfare Projects that FOMAW Helps
FOMAW helps animal welfare organizations

FOMAW helps the following community action groups in their efforts to improve the lives of animals by donating money, dog and cat food and other pet supplies.

SpayMex – The Guadalajara Project, Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX

Spaymex Guadalajara sterilization projectThousands of homeless dogs and cats in and near Guadalajara are the inspiration and motivation for this project to organize spay and neuter clinics.

A group of three independent women organize animal spay and neuter clinics to sterilize an average of 1,500 dogs and cats each year in neighborhoods of Guadalajara where poverty and animal overpopulation are a big issue.

The SpayMex goal is to double the number of animals treated each year by increasing the amount of doctors, operating equipment and supplies. SpayMex ise self-sponsored and rely on your donations to meet their goal.

OperaciÓn Amor, Chapala, Jalisco, MXanimal welfare, operacion amor

Operación Amor is a group of Mexicans and foreigners who have come together to sterilize dogs and cats of low-income people living in Chapala. We are doing everything in our power to prevent the birth of unwanted animals that often are abused, neglected or abandoned on the streets.

Operación Amor organizes three mass sterilization clinics per year to sterilize pets and street animals in the Lake Chapala area.

Manchas, Manzanillo, Colima, MXmanchas animal rescue in Manzanillo

A Manzanillo couple converted two small homes into animal shelters.  They rescue animals from the street, treat their diseases and injuries, sterilize, provide safety, food and shelter and then adopt the healed animals to loving forever homes.

Manchas is a private concern and supported only through donations.

In addition to their tireless work caring for animals at risk, Manchas also advocates for animal rights through community involvement, providing a voice for the silent suffering of the voiceless.

Huellas, Manzanillo, Colima, MX
rescue, shelter, sterilize and adoption for stray streetdogs
Huelles contact information in Manzanillo

Huellas was founded in August, 2012 to provide at-risk animals the opportunity of a better life and to raise the consciousness of the community about adoption and sterilization as the best antidote for animal abandonment and mistreatment.

Huellas operates a large shelter for abandoned animals on a very thin shoestring. Your donations are critical to their survival. In addition to sheltering and caring for nearly sixty animals, they also spend endless hours searching for forever homes for their charges … safe and loving homes where these street animals can thrive.

If you would like to help any of the listed organizations, you can donate to FOMAW and indicate in the memo field “Please use for the ___(xyz)____ program.” We will make every effort to honor your wishes by directing your donation to that organization or activity, within IRS guidelines.