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Our Clinic

FOMAW’s Alianza Animal Manzanillo Spay/Neuter Clinic

Sterilization Clinic, Alianza Animal Manzanillo

Alianza Animal Manzanillo (Alianza)

FOMAW‘s subsidiary was established in 2015 to provide low-cost sterilization surgeries for cats and dogs in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.

Alianza Sterilization Clinic

spay neuter clinic Alianza sterilization clinic for cats and dogs located at km 14.5 Blvd Miguel de la Madrid, Colonia Olas Altas.

Alianza is a registered Asociación Civil (A.C.), a Mexican charitable organization. Generous donors and foundations who share our vision helped FOMAW open the Alianza clinic. We’re very excited to offer affordable spay/neuter surgeries to Manzanillo’s animals.

Our Patients

Alianza’s targeted patients are the at-risk animals of our community, those dogs and cats living on the fringes without access to medical care. Our priority is to sterilize rescued animals and those animals still foraging in the streets, who, without our intervention, would never receive the care of a veterinarian.Prevention through sterilization

Sterilization Clinic Costs

Alianza provides our sterilization surgeries at cost, thanks to donations from private donors and foundations who help us cover our clinic overhead and operating costs.

The cost of the materials and medications used in one sterilization surgery adds up to approximately $400 MX pesos (~$22 US in 2018), which is the amount we charge the owner or, if there is no owner, we charge the animal’s sponsor.

Donors keep our lights on.

Above that $400 pesos, our other clinic operating costs are covered by our dedicated supporters. Our generous donors cover these additional expenses:  salaries, rent, utilities, oxygen, and our many other medical expenses such as  treatments for Transmissible Venereal Tumors ($150 pesos for each weekly treatment for an average of $1,300 MX pesos per animal).

FOMAW, as Alianza’s parent organization, administers the clinic’s finances. Your direct donation to FOMAW will help us continue our animal welfare work and keep our clinic doors open.

The Alianza Staff

Veterinarian and Alianza Sterilization Clinic Director, Dr. Diana Morals
Alianza’s Clinic Director, Dr. Diana Morales, DVM

Alianza operates our clinic with two veterinarians, an office manager/appointments coordinator, and a host of trained volunteers. Behind the scenes, Alianza’s board of directors manages administration and financing.


Alianza’s Veterinarians
Dr. Michelle Rivera
Dr. Michelle Rivera

Alianza’s professional medical staff is responsible for day-to-day clinic operations and all medical decisions. The clinic operates with two veterinarians on paid staff, our clinic director, Dr. Diana Morales, DVM and Dr. Michelle Rivera, DVM. Our highly trained veterinarians also lead our Surgical Training and Continuing Education courses.

Trained Volunteers
Laurie Taylor, Sterilization Clinic Volunteer Coord.
Laurie Taylor, Alianza’s volunteer coordinator

A staff of trained volunteers performs various clinic duties from receiving our patients as they are brought into the clinic and monitoring patients as they recover from surgery, to cleaning and sterilizing instruments. Each volunteer receives training in their specific tasks from our volunteer coordinator, Laurie Taylor, who also handles scheduling to ensure each clinic day is adequately staffed.

Board of Directors

Alianza’s Board of Directors carries the responsibility of providing administrative guidance and procuring financial support for clinic operations.

  • Dr. Susan Monger, President and Medical Advisor
  • Stan Burnett, Legal Representative and Clinic Manager
  • Kate Pankey, Board Member
  • Fred Taylor, Board Member

Population control solves numerous animal and human problems.

Alianza’s Mission and Goals

Suffering dog
Animal welfare programs that include sterilization help prevent suffering.

Mission: to improve the welfare of animals.

We concentrate on reducing the numbers of unwanted and neglected street animals through the sterilization of dogs and cats.

Goals: to serve the animals in our community that would otherwise not receive veterinary care by providing spay/neuter services at a low cost.

Links to Alianza‘s Website and Facebook Page

Our clinic is an important part of the Manzanillo community so we host our own bilingual Facebook page and Spanish language clinic website.

Our Spanish language Alianza webpage provides clinic information specifically for the Manzanillo residents who will be visiting our clinic.

sterilization clinic alianza manzanilloAlianza‘s Facebook page publishes information about animals needing forever homes as well as information about the various animal welfare activities in our Mexican communities. Check us out to learn more about our involvement in animal welfare programs.