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Animal Angels of Manzanillo, animal outreach helping animalsFOMAW Outreach Program, Animal Angels of Manzanillo

Animal Angels was founded by Manzanillo residents Fred and Laurie Taylor as a labor of love to improve conditions for street animals living on the edge.

Fred and Laurie spend innumerable hours rounding up street dogs, transporting them to veterinary clinics, treating animals on-site, and interacting with community residents to help them understand the impact of untreated animal diseases.

Co-founder, Laurie Taylor, with Miramar residents
Animal Angels co-founder, Laurie Taylor, with Miramar residents

The Animal Angels organization sponsors these programs to reduce animal suffering and improve the lives of both animals and humans:

  • sterilization surgeries for street dogs and cats,
  • chemotherapy treatments for transmissible venereal tumors (TVT), and
  • vet visits for street animals requiring additional care and medication.

In addition, Animal Angels has donated funds, food and supplies to help local animal welfare organizations care for at-risk animals.

Animal welfare outreach program, Animal Angels
Fred Taylor, co-founder of Animal Angels, Manzanillo’s animal welfare outreach program, Animal Angels

In our effort to help with funding and encourage the monumental tasks assumed by Animal Angels, FOMAW adopted them as a subsidiary organization. It is our hope that by integrating Animal Angels into the FOMAW family we can:

  • enhance funding opportunities by allowing tax deductible contributions to flow through our organization directly to Animal Angels,
  • develop a synergistic relationship to increase the overall area of effectiveness of their street animal welfare program, and
  • increase recognition of the efforts of, and work accomplished by, Animal Angels in the Mexican animal welfare arena.

Animal Angels’ Community Projects

In April of 2016 Animal Angels instituted an animal welfare project specifically targeting the street animals of Miramar, a colonia of Manzanillo to the northwest. This was the first of many planned projects targeting specific barrios.

For its comparatively small area, just .67 square kilometers, Miramar township is home to a large population of unsterilized street dogs and dogs with TVT cancer, a curable sexually transmitted disease.

Since the project’s launch, Animal Angels sterilized forty-eight dogs and seven cats, plus treated five dogs with TVT.  With chemotherapy, two of those dogs are completely cancer free.

Response from the community has been very positive and citizens are quickly realizing the benefits of reducing their street animal population.  They’re seeing less garbage and feces in the streets, fewer sick animals, and fewer roaming, dangerous dog packs.

Mirimar Project investment was minimal.  Sterilizing these forty-eight animals at the Alianza clinic cost only $16,800 MX pesos or $920 US, less than $20 per surgery.

Project costs are paid entirely through our supporters’ donations and we need your help to continue this and our follow-on projects. You can help by donating through Friends of Mexican Animal Welfare.

Keep abreast of Animal Angels’ activities in Manzanillo by visiting their Facebook page, Animal Angels of Manzanillo MX.

The Projects Continue

The 4-month Miramar Project was just the beginning.   The group has already moved their efforts to Pedro Nunez, another community in need of rigorous animal welfare involvement.  After Pedro Nunez, they’ll move on to help another barrio.

Animal Angel’s plan is to revisit each project community to continue follow-up treatments and continue promoting community involvement in the welfare of their animals.  It’s exhaustive, time-consuming work that is paying huge rewards!
Friends is very excited about our new partnership with Animal Angels.  We believe their work projects a very positive public image in our community and we’re thrilled to be included.

If you would like to help Animal Angels’ outreach activities, you can donate to FOMAW and indicate in the memo field “For use in Animal Angels programs.” We will make every effort to honor your wishes in directing your donation to their activities, within IRS guidelines.